Why purchase a Virebent piece ?

Virebent pieces are made from a natural ceramic paste and covered in an enamel with inorganic colouring agents. They are the fruit of a specific expertise, which is recognised by the Living Heritage Enterprise label and certified as being of Guaranteed French Origin.


Are there any precautions to be taken before first use ?

No, our products don’t require any special preparation, however it is recommended that you wash them before use.


Why use crockery made of stoneware and/or porcelain ?

Because these clays are very hardwearing. They gently and evenly diffuse the heat in your preparations. They also retain the heat for a long time. Virebent dishes do not release any kind of harmful substances throughout their lifespan.


What temperatures can Virebent crockery withstand ?

After being completely cooled at the point of manufacture, our crockery and dishes are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C in the freezer to +270°C in a traditional oven.


Can one prepare a dish in the oven and then freeze it ?

Our dishes withstand temperatures ranging from –25°C to +270°C, without chipping.


Can one reheat our preparations in a microwave oven ?

Of course. Just like the oven and the freezer, our plates and dishes are suitable for microwave cooking.

Can one cook with the Virebent preparations in a microwave oven ?

Of course. Our dishes are suitable for culinary use in microwave ovens.


Is it possible to cut (e.g. foodstuff) in the plates and dishes ?

Yes, we use very hard, scratch-resistant enamels.

Is it possible to wash Virebent dishes and crockery in a dishwasher ?

You can indeed wash your plates and dishes in a dishwasher without any risk. They are also designed to be used in this way.


How can I be kept informed of any new products in the Virebent e-boutique ?

To be sure you are kept informed of any new products, please subscribe to the newsletter.

May I purchase a product that is no longer available ?

We only sell products which are still in stock. When a product is indicated as unavailable, this does not mean it is definitively sold out, rather that it is momentarily out of stock.

Please contact our customer service department to find out where you can obtain this item: in a shop or on our website after a certain period. We’ll note down your contact details and get in touch with you as soon as the product is available again.

I’ve forgotten my password

Click on the link “forgotten password” when you try to enter your password. An email will be sent to your email address with your new password.

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Shipping and returns

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