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Virebent places at your disposal its practical knowledge and its unique mastery of porcelain, stoneware and earthenware, to support you in the development of your projects.From the creation of the model to the design of the matrix and the moulds, the Virebent technicians model clays, enamels and decor in a bid to produce series that are faithful to your creations


Heir to a tradition based on expertise, Virebent, in collaboration with external consultants, is developing research into clays and their firing processes, as well as enamels and their effects.It also breaks new ground in the manufacturing process in a bid to find surface effects and texture renderings reserved for one-off pieces or to adapt to series production.


Working with both the one-off piece and series production, Virebent offers real relevance in the creation of a prototype with a view to a production.Its studio for modelling and casting plaster creates and corrects rough shapes and models according to a plan or sketch.Its exclusively manual expertise offers a wide selection of materials, textures and enamels in the creation of sample pieces



Reconciling the excellence of expertise with manufacturing requirements, enables Virebent to adhere by the creation of prototype and pre-series as much as production in numbers.Its integrated moulding studio, its differentiated casting benches and its gas or electric firings, offer production capacities based on an entirely manual expertise, guaranteeing high quality craftsmanship

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